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What sets Lorrie Browne Interiors apart from other firms, besides stellar design and service, is our businesslike approach to project management. We use a systematic design process and the latest technologies to understand and address your needs, keep you informed, and ensure the project moves forward without disruption. Our team specializes in reconciling quality and cost efficiency, from the investments and splurges on down to the finishing touches. That’s because Principal Designer Lorrie Browne is a practical visionary and veritable right-brain/left-brain hybrid whose business savvy guides every decision.
Lorrie has found an ideal business partner in her husband, Tim Chance, who serves as the firm’s Project Manager. Tim gives you a clear understanding of what to expect at the onset of a project and implements time-tested business systems to keep everything on schedule and within budget. Together, along with their elite network of professionals and suppliers, Lorrie and Tim make certain that projects run smoothly and results surpass expectations.

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I’m one of those rare right-brain/left-brain hybrids who possesses both a boundless imagination and a keen business sense. With my right-brain mastery of communication, I ask the right questions and listen intently to understand your vision. Detail by detail, I help bring your vision to life, using collaborative software to give it high definition in the process. My left-brain capabilities enhance my creativity, making me a disciplined, results-oriented designer who’s as organized as I am artistic. My resume is a testament to my well-roundedness. I hold an MBA in Finance and worked as a municipal bond analyst before earning my BS in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. 

Service and charitable causes are priorities in my life. Closest to my heart are animal rescue and advocacy efforts including our family non-profit, the Palm Beach Shelter Dog Project. My husband, Tim, and I share our home with two rescue dogs—Calvin and Cash—and an ongoing parade of foster dogs.

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Licensed Interior Designer

NICDQ Certified


BA in Economics

Villanova University


BS in Interior Design

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale


MBA in Finance

University of San Francisco


Clientele in top 100 wealthiest families in the

United States.

Custom home and renovation specifications; interior decorating; pools and patios; landscaping and equestrian farms. 

A team approach and a methodical project management process allows us to

operate BIG while remaining small. 

Work remotely using the latest project collaboration and design technologies for maximum efficiency.

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